We are Born Free. We want a future where animals thrive in the wild. Help Keep Wildlife in the Wild by purchasing from our exclusive selection of Born Free-branded products.

'FREE' mug
'FREE' coasters – Pack of 4
'FREE' A5 notepad
Adult 'FREE' t-shirt
'FREE' tea towel
'FREE' organic tote bag
Born Free 'script' mug
Born Free 'script' organic tote bag
Adult Born Free 'script' t-shirt
Born Free 'script' A5 notepad
Adult 'WILD' t-shirt
'WILD' organic tote bag
'WILD' coasters – Pack of 4
'WILD' tea towel
'WILD' mug
'WILD' A5 notepad
Lapel pin
Lapel pin
Adult 'Born Free Live Free' t-shirt
'Born Free Live Free' mug
'Born Free Live Free' organic tote bag
'Born Free Live Free' metal keyring
Adult Elsa t-shirt
Adult Elsa logo t-shirt
Elsa in colour organic tote bag
Elsa organic tote bag
Elsa slate coaster
Elsa mug
Elsa mug
Elsa A5 notepad
Ethiopian wolf Christmas cards
Lioness Christmas cards
'Elsa’s Christmas' Christmas cards
Born Free 2020 calendar
The Life in my Years hardback book
Tonight the Moon is Red paperback book
Elsa charm bracelet
Elsa the lioness cuddly toy
Born Free ribbon
Trophy Hunting: A Psychological Perspective
The Last Elephants