Lion: Pride Before the Fall

Lion: Pride Before The Fall presents a stunning collection of wild lion photography with a clear, vital message: join the fight to protect the last remaining wild African lions… or risk losing them forever.

Conceived by critically acclaimed photographer George Logan, this remarkable wildlife book will bring the plight of Africa's remaining lions into sharp focus with its array of poignant, thought-provoking images.

This large format hardback coffee table book of 176 pages will feature a stunning collection of photographs, celebrating the life-cycle of the lion in all its raw beauty, as well as a dedicated conceptual art section. We will support the book with a short film, exhibitions, social media campaigns and publicity stunts, all aimed at raising awareness for lion conservation.

With your support and funding on this Kickstarter project, we can bring this book to life and help to safeguard the lives of generations of African lions.


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