PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE Born Free’s Ethical Shopping Channel.

Products with Purpose is our new shopping channel, designed to make ethical shopping choices simpler. With so many retailers using the words ‘sustainable’, ‘ethical’ and ‘environmentally friendly’, how do you differentiate genuine companies from misleading ones?

Born Free has hand-selected companies that pass our criteria for recommendation. We’ve spoken directly to businesses, asking tough questions or proof of ethical credentials and researched supply chains, materials and sought independent verification. We have also consulted the Ethical Consumer publication, which ranks companies based on policies towards animals, the environment, people, politics and sustainability.

How does it work?
Click on the link on your chosen retailer’s page.
You’ll be transferred to their web-shop
Make your purchases as usual
Born Free receives a percentage commission for every transaction, at no extra cost to you!
If you love the brand and products, keep buying through our Products with Purpose page, tell your friends and family to do the same, and help raise valuable funds for the vital work we do to help wild animals. The more you purchase, the more each retailer pays Born Free – fantastic!

Refreshing the offers.
With a few coveted spaces within each category, we’ve chosen a limited number of companies to keep offerings competitive, current and relevant to you. We may substitute retail recommendations based on ongoing research.

Whilst every effort has been made to obtain relevant information regarding the companies we recommend, we cannot be responsible for your ‘experience’ with each retailer. Your relationship with the retailer is held directly by them. All information is current at the time of publication and constant reviews of their credentials will be undertaken.

By clicking on the links to the companies we are recommending, you will leave the Born Free website. Any orders placed with these companies will be made directly with them and Born Free has no involvement with your order. Please contact the company directly for any order issues.