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“We chose the Born Free Foundation as one of our partners because we share the same values and ethical stance towards the environment, making our partnership special! BRND & Co. support charities across the world and are so proud to have the honour of being associated with Born Free. Let’s make a change together…”

Brandan Preece – Founder of BRND & Co.
Being mindful about your clothing is becoming more prevalent these days and at BRND & Co. we are busy turning these thoughts into reality. We seek to provide a brand combining the love of sustainability with comfort and well styled streetwear. We make it our mission to source the best eco-friendly materials from around the world and so, through these collections, raise awareness of endangered animals. BRND & Co. specialises in luxury comfort streetwear for men and women such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants.

BRND & Co. uses water-based ink for screen printing the garments which is safe for the environment, rather than oil-based ink which uses harmful chemicals throughout the printing process. The water-based ink BRND & Co. uses surpasses the highest standards set within the fashion industry. Plastic-free packaging is another way we extend our eco-friendly policies. All of the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable which means that none need go to landfill.


Ethical systems are at the root of the BRND & Co. way of working. All our clothing is ethically made under strict guidelines from certified bodies such as GOTS, FairWear Foundation and PETA. These certifications assure BRND & Co’s clothing is made from vegan, organic cotton and that everyone involved in the process is treated fairly. We finish all the clothing with designs which are screen printed and embroidered by ourselves in London.


BRND & Co. views being sustainable as our norm because we have been so from the beginning. Our business model puts stakeholders at its heart, which is key to maintaining the sustainability and ultimately the longevity of BRND & Co. This includes donating to endangered-animal charities in order to work towards a sustainable planet, rich with flora and fauna.