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“At Clean Living our refill, reuse, recycle method is a catalyst for change by challenging how we all currently clean our homes. We believe in educating others about how to be more mindful of the planet; this aligns perfectly with Born Free's mission of challenging the status quo of exploitation of animals and educating others to be more respectful of our planet.” - Lars Tewes, Clean Living
Clean Living has the planet in mind in every decision and product made - from the environmentally-friendly ingredients, to the refillable packaging, all the way to the direct to door delivery service. With Clean Living, you'll be cleaning your home in a way that is healthier for you and the planet.

On surfaces, materials, skin, towards the planet and towards each other. Responsibly sourced ingredients, packaging and accessories.

Our business opportunity helps you to create a work life balance, plus build an income that allows you to make the most of down time with your loved ones. Whilst our products help you to live responsibly, respecting and preserving your living spaces and the wider environment.

Enjoy living spaces that are free from harsh chemicals and stay cleaner for longer, safe in the knowledge that you're also reducing your carbon footprint.

We're bold in our belief that we encourage others to change their ways. We believe our modern products, clever packaging and appealing business model will have a huge impact, positively impacting people's lives and caring for our planet.

Wherever possible, we use natural formulations and packaging that is free from harsh chemicals and reduces waste packaging.