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"It has been a pleasure and a privilege working alongside The Born Free Foundation, and supporting them in all the great work they do in wildlife conservation." - Will Phillips, Clouded Leopard Gin
As a lover of both gin and wildlife – in particular cats, big and small – Will, chef and gastropub owner, was inspired to use his expertise in combining delectable tastes to create this premium full-flavoured gin, while helping to save the clouded leopard from extinction. The gin is created with fruits such as mangos, and black pepper sourced from Southeast Asia, the home of the clouded leopard.
Raising Awareness

The clouded leopard, native to mainland Southeast Asia, is a rarely seen occurrence, its endangerment of extinction is a big reason for this. By partnering with Born Free, Clouded Leopard Gin is not only sharing the clouded leopard's call for help but is contributing profits to its rehabilitation.

Created with Care

The ingredients of the clouded leopard gin are inspired by the animal's native environment by choosing pepper and fruits that grow in humid biomes. Other ingredients include juniper berries, angelica root, and cassia bark to compliment the delicious 'Born Free G&T'.

Ethically Manfuactured

Clouded Leopard is produced from British wheat spirit and local production. Clouded Leopard Gin's contributions to Born Free support both our rehabilitation project at Shamwari Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary and our campaigns to end the exploitation of wild leopards.