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“There is something magical and inspiring about working with people who clearly live their values and do so with equal measures of passion, empathy and humility.” – Nathalia Grisard, Founder of GNGR Bees
GNGR bees is an activewear retailer that has purpose and transparency at its absolute core. GNGR Bees take social responsibility to the next level by ensuring that the products they make have a wider purpose which is not that of making a profit. By buying GNGR Bees, you are supporting important causes to protect the planet and all of its inhabitants.
Driven by purpose not profit

With a mission to set a new standard in the sustainable world and to ensure that their business is contributing to the welfare of the planet and all of its inhabitants, they start with the "why" to make sure that they are creating a product with a social and environmental purpose such as reclaiming materials to keep our planet and wildlife safe.

Passion, People, Planet

Not only do all GNGR Bees products support a wider cause, every part of GNGR Bees has its own story. Ever since GNGR Bees was founded, they have ensured that every part of the process is thought out to make sure that they are giving back to communities and the planet.

Clear vision

Reclaim materials to clean oceans and land & protect biodiversity
Partner with small social enterprises to empower the people and keep culture and craftsmanship alive
Produce ethically and fairly to improve industry standards Donate profits to empower important causes
Create projects that make this planet better for all