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" We are thrilled to partner with Born Free on this because its core mission, to Keep Wildlife in the Wild, is one that we feel children instinctively love and support. We hope that together we can build a community of kids, born free to run wild themselves, who love and support our planet and all its beautiful creatures." – Marion Jones, Mindshot
Mindshot's debut set of children’s activity packs, MindShot Nature & Nurture, helps children to have fun caring for our planet. Mindshot helps parents and children carve out an attractive and mindful space in a fast-paced, digitised world. Thye create content-led product that offer on- the-go, creative, fun alternatives to being online for children. Their nature-themed packs also instill a bond and connection to the environment and its animals in children.
Educational & Fun

Mindshot's activity packs offer 15-30 minute doses of learning by playing. Their Nature & Nurture pack is an opportunity for kids to understand and support our natural world, and to recognise that their opinions and ideas really matter through the activities on each of seven 'shots'.

Learning to Care

Today's young children are growing up in a highly digitised world. While Mindshot does not aim to oppose technology, these activity packs create opportunities for entertainment away from the screen. Their themes allow children to find their love for wildlife & nature.

Recycled & Natural

For their first series Nature & Nature, Mindshot opted for completely recycled and recyclable paper, as well as natural inks. Their stickers are also recyclable. Mindshot also opted for carbon reduction by packaging in recyclable plastic. Where they can they use local partners.