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“We love our partnership with Born Free because we share a common goal and ambition – ‘to stop the exploitation and suffering of individual animals living in captivity or in the wild. ” - Chris Swanborough, founder PANGOLIN GIN
Pangolin Gin blends rare African botanicals to create an extraordinary taste while also helping to raise awareness and funds towards saving the Pangolin from extinction. Founded after learning of the pangolin's plight during a wildlife trip in South Africa, every purchase of Pangolin 'helps to stop the poaching, trade and demand for pangolins, and raise the profile of this little- known animal'.
Raising Awareness

Pangolin gin was truly named after its mission- the gin is not only fashioned around the characteristics of the world's only scaled mammal, but it is marketed around providing information and resources about their threat of extinction.

Created With Care

A careful selection of ingredients combine African botanicals with fresh bursts of citrus and smoky aroma of cardamom to create the distinctive experience of Pangolin Gin. Instructions for preparation follow the pangolin's journey and lifestyle.

Ethically Manufactured

Pangolin is manufactured by an independent, family- run brewery in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorelands. Balancing premium distillery experience with a conscious relationship with local production that reduces carbon emissions in travel & delivery.