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Plum Play specialized in creating safe and fun children's to enjoy in- and outdoors. From swing sets to trampolines, the Plum Play family-owned business has perfected the art of keeping young minds busy and creative. With the right ethos to back their vision of magical play worlds, Plum Play sources and manufactures sustainably and ethically. They have also opened their hearts and profits to charitbale causes, including Born Free.
Sustainable Sourcing

Plum Play are very transparent about their wood sourcing, using organic round poles and high quality timber. They only source from sustainable forests, and are members of the Forest Stewardship Council. The safety and organic look and feel align with their values.

Mindful Manufacturing

At Plum Play ethical manufacturing is non- negotiable. Their factories are thoroughly audited and are celebrating 30 years of sustainable trading. A business centered around family, they prioritize customer safety and satisfaction without compromising on ethos.

Responsible Design

Plum Play value designs that are not only fun and innovative but safe and long-lasting. Moving away from the fast, plastic production of children's toys and playgrounds, this family-owned business choose materials and designs that are durable, reducing waste.