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Zawadi have been established in South Africa since 1996 and are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of top selling African Art, Gifts, Interior Decor, and Collectibles.
Zawadi is a family run business creating beautiful décor in a fusion of classic African design with a contemporary finish. Zawadi support conservation and sustainability through fundraising events in aid of supporting a number of wildlife sanctuaries, including Born Free's big cat sanctuary in Shamwari.
Supporting Charity Work

Zawadi first started supporting charities in 2004 and have not stopped since. From the Childhood Cancer Foundation (South Africa) and Operation Hunger, all the way to wildlife sanctuaries - Zawadi support a huge variety of causes.

Fair Employment

Zawadi take pride in caring for and ensuring their employees are paid well above industry standards as well as having a shorter working week in comparison. In addition to regular bonuses, their team have acces to regular training to help on their professional development journey.

Sustainability & Materials

Zawadi are constantly looking at ways to make their practices increasingly sustainable. As well as optimising their energy usage in their factory and office and their products having never been made with plastic, they are actively making changes throughout their business to ensure their materials are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.