Beyond the Bars: The zoo dilemma hardback book

When Zoo Check was formed in 1984, the organisation that has evolved into  Born Free, its mission was simple: to question the justifications for keeping wild animals in zoos and to explore new thinking.

In 1987, Zoo Check published Beyond The Bars: The zoo dilemma, a collection of essays by leading conservationists, writers, philosophers and campaigners of the time, including Richard Adams, Mary Midgley, Billy Arjan Singh, Hugo van Lawick, Spike Milligan and, of course, Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers.

More than 30 years have passed and to commemorate that book and the philosophy underpinning it, we have reprinted it with a new foreword by Virginia McKenna, a new chapter by Born Free's Head of Animal Welfare & Captivity, Dr Chris Draper, and a new afterword by Born Free's President & Co-Founder, Will Travers.

The book raises many profound and important questions about our relationship with the natural world and the individual wild animals we share it with.

Hardback 20cm x 21cm.

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